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::Hello , my name is NorNasrah but well known as Nas.... I'm freaking annoyying. . Currently study at UiTM Puncak Perdana in course of Theatre :))i love smile:)

Part Of My LIfe:))

This is one of those important in my life..They are always dignified and happy of my life:))

my lovely sis-norjihan:))
F.A.M.I.L.Y is one of the strongest words anyone can say, because the letters of FAMILY means Mummy  Daddy & my sibling.. I Love You!!!♥

My classmate:)) luv u all:))
along,mirul & ejam:))
this is my BEST FRIEND..Noraiza Fitri:))
dyana,me, &bella..:))
mira & syera

A F .R.I.E.N.D is someone who accepts your past, supports your present and encourages your future..♥

tht's my hero:))
Relationships last long not because they are destined to.. Relationships last long because two people make a choice not to just walk away but to keep fighting for it..♥

"Without my expectation, i already fall in love with someone.. But i really scared whether this feeling very strong or not... Day by day i keep trying testing me... Do i love him or i like him only? When i asking to myself, my heart said i love him but i need to know her very well.. I hope he can make me feel the soul of love that i had lost before.. Please make me love you boy... Show me! I'm swear if you can make me love you, nothing can disturbing between you and i...I promise that i will do my best for us... But now, better we know each other and then we will make it together follow by the flow..:))"

i'm love to smile:)

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