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::Hello , my name is NorNasrah but well known as Nas.... I'm freaking annoyying. . Currently study at UiTM Puncak Perdana in course of Theatre :))i love smile:)

U are the second important in my life -..-

my first is family,the second is you.
you have bring me a lot of colours in my life.
you make me feel what the love is.
you have make me strong dear.
even the way you make it is too hard but,i know that theres a lot of lesson that i have.
you are my love
you have cheer me up,
at the same time,you can be my bestfriend,
the person who get mad at me when im doing the wrong thing.
i know,from all those thing,you want me be a good one. 
if theres a problem,you can guide me to solve it.
you have give me more changes.
if i said that you can lead me,yes. thats it.
thanks for always by my side.
you are the one that i have after my family.
i love you and i hope that our relation will be long lasting.
what i was aim,i will try to make it reality soon.
i know that we are heading to future,
theres a long journey that we have to face,
and we have to walk together,
hopefully i will get it and you will be mine,
and i also hapo that you can accept who i am
and for sure,i can accept who you are dear,
we just be ourself,
and for your information,
if you need me,i will always by yourside,
i will try to give my best to you,
but no matter what happen,
i wish i could be in your heart forever,
i hope that you can be my supporters in all situation.
and always by my side..
thanks God for sending you in my life.
ilovemyfamily and you.
thanks for your love..

p/s::: i'm promise,i will faithful with u:))

i'm love to smile:)

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