si gadis pinces:))

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::Hello , my name is NorNasrah but well known as Nas.... I'm freaking annoyying. . Currently study at UiTM Puncak Perdana in course of Theatre :))i love smile:)

You Never Know:))

"When you try your best, but you don't succed.. When you get what you want, but not what you need.. When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep .. And the tears come streaming down your face.. When you lose something you can't replace.. When you love someone,but it goes to waste.. And high up above or down below..When you're too in love to let it go.. But if you never try you will never know.. Just what your 're worth .. Light will guide your home.. And ignite your bones.. And your bones..And I will try to fix you.. I love you so much:))

i'm love to smile:)

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  1. aq cm jiwang cikt kt blog niew..bkn ape, xde tmpat nk kt sini je luah ape yg aq rse..rse laaa puas ckit kn..:))